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We solve digital talent shortages by opening up exclusive talent pools for you.

Who are Workforce Digital?

We are international recruitment experts.

We’ve spent the last 16 years solving skill shortages. Working across multiple sectors, with a wide range of diverse clients, we are incredibly proud of our bespoke, ‘made-to-order’ talent solutions, which are designed to help you access the right hires who can make a real impact on your business.

Workforce Digital is part of the wider Workforce People Solutions group. We have an international team of multilingual recruitment experts, with more than 15 years’ experience in relocating professionals from across the UK, Europe and beyond. Our unique Recruit, Relocate, Retain’ business model lets Workforce Digital find the right talent every time.

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Our ‘Why?’

We do what we do because we want to solve skill shortages for businesses like yours.

The sourcing of skilled tech talent in the UK has become increasingly competitive and poses significant challenges as talent pools continue to be severely depleted. This is being compounded further by Brexit, the end of free movement, industry-wide lack of familiarity with visas and sponsorship and IR35 implications on the contractor market.

COVID-19 also changed the way in which organisations work, with remote working becoming a lasting impact of the pandemic. Because of this, candidates are often favouring organisations that are willing to offer long-term flexibility around where, when and how they work.

When there is high-volume demand for additional skilled candidates within a tight time frame – particularly in the digital sector – these challenges can cause business-critical issues, often hindering the ability to meet demand, launch new products and deliver services.

We understand the challenges you face, and we’re with you all the way.

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